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Spencer Organ Company, Inc. is a Boston-based organ maintenance and restoration firm with an emphasis on electro-pneumatic organs and components, especially those of Skinner and Aeolian-Skinner.

We serve individual clients for maintenance and restoration, as well as offering restoration services, parts and components to others within the organ building trade.


Restoring old pipe organs, particularly those built between 1900 and 1960, is our passion and specialty. Having trained ourselves in the technology of these instruments, we use the best methods of respectful restoration to reproduce, and where possible, extend the longevity and reliability of the original construction and engineering.



Good service work is both concentrated and minimalist in approach. From the outset we lay solid temperaments and establish proper pitch relationships between divisions. We then work to maintain conditions that encourage stability, and in our service visits exercise sensitive ministrations to promote longevity of both pipes and mechanism.

Supplies & Services

For our own work and for the industry, we make a wide variety of replica parts and components such as pouches, pneumatics, pitmans and gaskets. We can also restore anything from small pneumatics to windchests and vertical pneumatic combination actions.

Whether you need a self-contained voicing machine on wheels, custom pneumatics for any purpose, releathering and repair of an unusual windchest, or a replica of a special component, we will be happy to work with you to see how we can help. Please contact us to discuss your needs.