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Park Street Church, Boston, MA

AEolian-Skinner Organ Company, Inc., Boston, MA. Opus 1353, 1957

AEolian-Skinner Opus 1353 is an example of the late work of this long-lived, venerable pipe organ company whose factory was a mere short train ride away from Park Street Church on the Red Line. By deciding to purchase an AEolian-Skinner in the late 1950’s, the congregation at Park Street were choosing what was arguably the best available pipe organ at that time.

Today, the organ stands in original condition. After years of service, however, the organ is need of restoration with many of the perishable materials reaching the end of their useful life and 60 plus years of dust causing problems with the tonal quality of the pipes. Over the last five years, the organ has undergone a certain amount of restoration work by our firm including the restoration of all the reservoirs, much of the Choir mechanism and pipework and the lower Swell mechanism. The Great organ has now reached the point where it needs restoration.

There is also an understanding that the current tonal specification of the organ no longer meets the requirements for congregational singing and choral accompaniment. Thus, certain ranks of Great division will be revoiced to better suit the needs of the church. Since this is an on-going process, the first phase of tonal changes will be modest and guided by consensus with the organist through the setting of samples in the church.

16’ Quintaton: Light cleaning only
8’ Principal: Clean; revoice
8’ Bourdon: Clean; refinish
4’ Octave: Clean; revoice
4’ Flute: Clean; refinish
2’ Fifteenth: Clean; revoice
IV Mixture: Clean; revoice